Saturday, August 13, 2011
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 hyehoyheyy . It's been a long time that i've not updatee anything in my blog . Cehh padahal baruu 3 hari kan . Lamaa leteww more than 1 day aitee ? HIHI

Okayy so i'm glad to tell you oll yg now i dahh adaa tumblr . Wahh , happy nie . Duluu mcm tak minat but bila semua dah adaa tumblr akuu pon nakk jugakk laa . Tumblr is more easier than blog . Don't believe it  ? try la :)

Just now i bacaa tumblr bestiee i dy ckp dy kenaa fitnah . Omgg @@ so suck ! it's okay babyy . Everything happen for a reason . Trust me one day they will regret with what they have done to you . Chill okayy ? I'll always by yourside . Eventhough kauu mcm dahh berubahh akuu tetapp akn bersamaa dgn kauu :)

Haa , before i forget , this is my tumblr link  :) 
If adaa masaa ushaa lerr , kalauu adaa tumblr jugakk follow lerr , like usually kayy babyy :) 

k daaa bhaii .

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