Friday, February 18, 2011
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Let's talk something about lovee !

weeheyyy you ! I can't stop lovingg you Ashraf ! I'm addicted to you ! I adore you ! I really need you ! HAHA
Ohh no man , nampak macam daa parah niee ^^

Promise me that you'll always be on myside , promise me that you'll always loving me , promise me that you'll not leave me , promise me that you'll take care of me . Just not a promises okayy but provee it biee <3

Only god know how i feel when we are together on 3 october 2010 :)
you're minee forever & i'm yours forever too . no matter what happen i'll be on your sidee . i don't care what they are talking about us . The most important to me is OUR FOREVER LOVE <3

Can you hold my hand until the end of my time ? I feel something that i can't describe it by word . Amazing rytee ? HIHI

Ehemm , don't you ever leave me alone okayy ! I don't to stay far away from you . If you do that , i'm going to kick your ***** !  HEHEHEHEHE remember that yeahh :)

you're are my SUNSHINE ! :)

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